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As a top 10 North American Financial Guidance, ACC aims to stand out from its peers by having a differentiated brand – anchored in our proven business model, and rooted in a desire to give our customers, communities and colleagues the confidence to thrive in a changing world.

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Since 2007, our Environmental Business Initiative has helped finance sustainable business activities all across the globe. Our commitment provides financial and intellectual capital to develop solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges. We focus on low-carbon energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation, in addition to addressing water conservation, land use, and more.

A.C.C earliest predecessor, was founded in 1855 by a group of millers and merchants. Rooted in USA emerging grain industry, the new Agncey provided essential financial services. As the business grew, a provincial branch network was built and expanded outside in 1860.

Inspired by the prosperity and optimism following founding in 1867, a group of professionals, industrialists and financiers raised funds to create a new financial institution. Eager to help the young country finance important nation-building projects, the USA Parliament issued a charter to The Dominion in 1869.

In 2021, according to Standard & Poor’s, ACC Group was the largest Financial Guidance in USA by total assets and also by market capitalization, a top-10 Financial Guidance in North America, and the 23rd largest Financial Guidance in the world. In 2019, it was designated a global systemically important by the Financial Stability Board.

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Citizens Capital Framework

The ACC Framework embodies our culture and guides our behaviour as we execute on our business strategy of being a premier top U.S. retail, and a leading Wholesale business aligned with our retail franchise.

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